New website for Buzz

September 7th, 2006 by Patrick Boucher - Viewed 10565 times -

Buzz, the Montreal-based visual effects studio, has a new web site up. They’ve got some nice content to view, but of course, I’m biased.


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  1. Well, this looks like the the least interesting and XSI-related posting so far here on XSIBlog… ;-)
    And maybe the shortest too?

    At least you could provide some interesting facts or spice it up a bit?

    Pure advertising is boring ;-)

  2. Mario Reitbauer says:

    Have to agree.

    But I love the Bell Beavers :D

  3. True. Buzz is the company that pays me and that doesn”t mind my sharing, so I had to. ;)

    In the interest of spicing things up a bit and relating them to XSI…

    Did you know:
    - Of the 93 current employees of Buzz, 36 of them are XSI artists. Yep, that almost 40% of the workforce.
    - 100% of the 3D material done by the visual effects department that can be viewed on the web site was done with XSI. Buzzlab/Motion Graphics dpt. sometimes uses other 3D software but none of those M[a-z]{3,4} things… ;)
    - 3D for the YTV, Bell, Teletoon, Movie Network and Discovery Channel Campaigns is all 100% XSI.
    - All visual effects for film at Buzz that use 3D go through XSI.
    - As far as I know, of the 38 clips on the Buzz site (excluding reels), only 6 didn”t go through XSI because they don”t have any 3D in them.

    … That”s a bit more info but I couldn”t really change the shameless, gratuitous advertising nature of the post. Sorry.

  4. Thanks for these interesting stats, Patrick.