More Jitters

December 9th, 2006 by Patrick Boucher - Viewed 12427 times -

A while ago I posted a Scripted Operator for XSI that generates jittering animation.

Well, a colleague of mine, Etienne Pellerin, and myself are starting to work in C++ in XSI so the Jitter tool was rewritten.

New in Jitter v1.5:

  • Installation is smoother – just drop it into your favourite Application/Plugins folder
  • Performance is increased when you have large numbers of Jitter Ops
  • You can now apply the operator to parameter groups such as kine.local.ori.euler

You can download the new version and beat the snot out of it if you wish. I can’t guarantee it’ll survive though, and if it doesn’t drop me a line and I can fix bugs.

I only have a windows version but if someone has a Linux box and would care to recompile I can host both versions.


8 Responses to “More Jitters”

  1. Dan Yargici says:

    Thanks Patrick, this looks very cool. I remember seeing your original jitter and I never got round to installing it (Guess I just forgot about it!), but I”ll install this one first thing tomorrow for sure…

    Great stuff. Thanks again.

  2. Adam says:

    Does this only work with a certain version of XSI, im running 5 and it doesnt work, thanks

  3. Joe Laffey says:

    Thanks for this cool little operator. I would like to offer one suggestion: Perhaps when it is applied it could automatically name each operator to include the attribute being jittered like Jitter-Local-Pos-X or something. Why? Because when you bring up a general PPG for your object (select object, alt-enter) you cannot tell which jitter is for which parameter without going and renaming them all. This can be done with a script, of course, but it would be cool if it were automatic.


  4. Adam:

    It was tested in 5.11 but should work in 5.0. Can you expand on the error you’re getting. Do you have any errors in the script editor when you load the plugin?


    Great idea. I’ve jotted it down and will look into it when priorities permit! ;)

  5. Jeen says:

    I’m new to XSI and I am very pleased to find this jitter tool as I want to tremble my character. I have drop it into the plugin folder but do not know how to appy on my animated character. Please help, thank you very much.

  6. Jeen:

    Mark some parameters, let’s say you want to jitter the translation in X:
    Select your object
    Pop open the objects’ local translation property page
    Click on the X translation so it turns yellow
    The parameter is now marked.

    Now select: Animate -> Create -> Parameter -> Jitter Marked Parameter and a Jitter operator will be applied to your object…


  7. Jeen says:

    Thanks Patrick. Unfornunately the jitter plugin could not be loaded into XSI 5.0… I don’t know why:(:(:( Thank you anyway~

  8. Thomas Helzle says:

    Any chance for a 64 Bit version? :-)