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May 11th, 2005 by Patrick Boucher - Viewed 13421 times -

Buzz, my current employer, has been gracious enough to let me publish selected parts of the Python library I developed for the facility.

The library is split in two distinct parts. The first is generic computer graphics related stuff. These items are meant to be used as much within XSI as outside XSI, in other stand-alone scripts or applications. The second part of the library, buzz.xsi, is meant to be used exclusively within XSI. Truth be told, if you try to use some of this stuff outside XSI it will most probably fail miserably.

This library is not being released in the hopes that you will use it as is, although you may. This library is being released in the hopes other people, or I, will learn something valuable, through exchanges provoked by the code or the code itself. In this regards, if you have any comments or suggestions on the packaged library, please feel free to contact me at

Future versions of this library will not guarantee reverse compatibility. This is not meant as being an open source product, this is selected parts of Buzz’s library that are being offered without any guarantees to the greater XSI community.

This being said, on with the show!

View the docs online
Download the docs
Download the library

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