A View to a Selection

May 24th, 2005 by Patrick Boucher - Viewed 9594 times -

So you’re starting to texture a character and think:

“It would be nice if I could select all the polygons that are facing the camera…”

Okay, so maybe you haven’t had that reflection but Gabriel Tremblay sure has, and one fateful evening he talked to me about it over a beer. So here it is, from his brain to your workspace with a little detour through my keyboard: PB_selPolyFromCam.

The idea behind this tool is to select polygons on polygonal objects as a planar or camera projection would, if it could. If the polygon is facing the camera of choice and within a threshold angle from the camera’s axis… BAM! It’s selected. Weeelllll, not so fast, I’d have to write the tool in C++ and compile it as well as remove the few remaining commands that are in there to gain some additionnal speed. Not to mention my actual algorythim might not be as tight as it could be.

Here’s a snapshot of the UI to help visualize how the tool works:

PPG of PB_selPolyFromCam

Here is what the above PPG setup looks like on a sphere. The camera doing the selecting is the one in the screenshot.

PPG of PB_selPolyFromCam

Because I couldn’t get to the Selection menu in the Selection pannel, I hooked the tool in the Modify -> PolyMesh section of the Model toolbar. Did someone over at Softimage understand the subtle hint? I’d like to hook things into the Selection menu of the Selection pannel… Just driving the point home. Thanks!

Just drop the file in your favorite Application\Plugins location and have a ball! Of course you’ll also need the latest buzz.xsi library available through the download area.

I hope all you texturers and camera projectors out there enjoy!
As usual, if you find bugs or have comments, don’t be shy.

Thanks go out to Gabriel and the guys at Buzz on this one.

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  1. Brad says:

    This is exactly what I need! Thanks a lot!