Gerstner Waves 102

October 1st, 2008 by Patrick Boucher - Viewed 11654 times -

During the Gerstner Wave 101 video I alluded to stacking multiple waves together to create more complex surfaces. The idea is that for each successive wave or octave that is added onto the effect, the number of waves be greater, the amplitude be smaller and the speed be slower.

Note: To see your full effect, make sure when you stack multiple waves onto each other, that the mute and solo checkboxes be clear and that the “last wave” checkbox be only active on the Gerstner Wave compound plugged lowest into the terminal node or your ICE tree.

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If you wish to purchase this set of wave tools, you can go here.

Have fun!

One Response to “Gerstner Waves 102”

  1. mantas says:

    shi* so easy… i definitely must switch to xsi…
    its exactly what i would need, sins i am not a programmer, but i like to “develop” (better term would be dream of) :) new tools.