Simulated Shapes in Momentum 2.0

March 21st, 2011 by Helge Mathee - Viewed 19415 times -

Momentum 2.0,  Exocortex’s new multi-physics system, an integration of the well-known Bullet physics engine for Autodesk’s Softimage, provides a bunch of features that are not totally obvious at first.

One of the clients showed me a pretty cool use of the geometry stack in conjunction with Momentum’s DeformRigidBody operator. This operator is able to treat every polygon-island inside a polygonmesh as a separate rigid body, and, since it is connected to the geometry stack, is able to keep the shape of the rigid bodies in sync with the deformation happening below. This way you can create animated shapes, and have them influence the rigid body simulation in Bullet.

While I implemented this feature, I was not aware of all of the possible uses, of course. Since the interactive creative environment has been introduced into Softimage, the possibilities are endless, and it is very hard to imagine what users will come up with once additions to ICE are released into the community.

The client, who had to deal with a very complex effect for a commercial, used Momentum just for the rigid body simulation, while the deformation was done through ICE. What’s interesting here is that he is simulating the deformation using a turbulence method, and driving the rigid body engine with this deform.

By offering small building blocks that work well together with ICE, or even integrate into ICE as compounds, Momentum 2.0 opens a whole new world of possibilities for simulation. Goal-based simulation and user driven results are in reach. What thrills me the most though, is to see unexpected setups like this one. The community’s amount of creativity really produces so much inspiration for developers like myself.

I will continue to talk about techniques and tricks with Momentum on this blog, and try to contribute users’ experiences and solutions.

Here’s a capture of the effect:

Here’s a link to Momentum 2.0 product page:

We have posted a series of other videos, including tutorials, trailers etc on vimeo, you can find them in our Momentum group:

This is a good place to stay up to date on new releases and latest information.

Please let me know what you think, I like to be intrigued for other topics and solutions for complex effects.

4 Responses to “Simulated Shapes in Momentum 2.0”

  1. miquel says:

    one word come to my mind. Popcorn! hehe just a joke:)
    Really cool tip!

  2. Andy says:

    Looks great. I’m very excited about this.

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  4. Steven Caron says:

    2012 ice modeling + momentum 2.0 = fracturing?