Editing Templates in XSI

January 13th, 2006 by Andy Nicholas - Viewed 13601 times -

Anyone who”s had to do much work with Symmetry Mapping Templates (for transferring envelope weights from one side of a rig to another), or Connection Mapping Templates (used for applying actions to different bone rigs) will know that editing the data can be tricky and error prone. But there”s a solution.

Simply select the rows in the data grid control by left clicking on the row header on the left hand side, and shift clicking further down. Press Ctrl+C and the data will be copied to the clipboard. Open up Microsoft Excel, and you can paste this data into a worksheet!

Luckily, this copy and paste process also works in reverse (using Ctrl+V to paste back in to XSI), meaning that you can use all of Excel”s handy sorting and filtering utilities to make sure that you don”t have duplicate bones in the list. When pasting back into the XSI template, you”ll need to make sure you”ve created the necessary number of rows in the template before you paste the data.

If you don”t have Excel, then this will also work in any standard text editor (although, you”ll need to make sure that the text editor copies the data as plain text, rather than including any font information). Each row will be pasted as a separate line with columns separated by a tab character.

4 Responses to “Editing Templates in XSI”

  1. Robert Moodie says:

    What a great post, Andy.
    Thanks *very* much for the tip.


  2. Eternal art says:

    Thank you .. man ..

  3. The Ki says:

    I would be great if we can do this with any table ( weightmap, envelope…). Why allow this helpful operation only with symmetry mapping template… ?


    The Ki

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    This method does work with any data grid table as long as you”re able to select the rows in the manner I described. This means it won”t work with the envelope vertex weight panel, but it will work with symmetry mapping templates and action connection mapping templates. It will also partially work with action offset maps, but any read only entries will prevent certain pasting into the entire table at once.