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After completing his Aeronautical Engineering degree in France and studied CG and computer security in Singapore, Aloys started at La Maison in 2003, developing their Intranet in Python and few XSI plugins and Mental Ray shaders. He previously worked for the French Civil Aviation on the national flight plan software, plus few month of consulting in Java programming for Electricity of France. After 2 years in Paris, he accepted an offer from Animal Logic to come to work in Sydney on the CG animated feature Happy Feet. Beginning in the Character Department, he worked on rig building tools, muscle/skin interaction and pipeline development around the Animation department. He now works in the core Animal Logic R&D department.

wxPython in XSI

January 10th, 2007 by Aloys Baillet. Viewed 26446 times.

You’ll find here some nice discoveries I made trying to use wxPython inside XSI. For that I will assume that you, dear Reader, have some knowledge of Python and UIs…

Animal Logic is also kindly giving you an example XSI Plugin that should be a good starting point if you want to implement a wxPython interface in XSI.

I apologize in advance for the technical and boring stuff ahead… it’s the unfortunate price to pay to get nice and shiny UIs!