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XSIBlog is Patrick's brainchild. It was born out of his need to immerse himself in the knowledge of others and share whatever he could with the community. Patrick has been working in visual effects since 1999 and through the years has composited on Flint and Shake and done 3D on Softimage|3D, Maya and XSI. Since the beginning of 2002 he works as a pipeline and workflow geek, integrating off the shelf and custom tools in production support roles. LinkedIn Profile

Disconnecting Shaders

March 24th, 2011 by Patrick Boucher. Viewed 16094 times.

I rarely talk about short lived timely issues such as this one but it was a bit too pervasive to pass up and the facility here has just been bitten by it. I’m talking about spontaneously disconnecting shaders. Background info (read these): The issue as described in a thread on the mailing list. A workaround [...]

Scene Based Event Plugins

March 18th, 2011 by Patrick Boucher. Viewed 9999 times.

Those of you who are long time readers of Softimage Blog (or XSIBlog way back when) might remember a 2006 article by Homam Bahnassi. In the article Homam describes a method to run code stored in annotations in the scene at arbitrary moments by selecting an object and manually invoking code execution. Recently we had [...]

A SetValue decorator

January 19th, 2011 by Patrick Boucher. Viewed 13897 times.

In a recent post on the Softimage mailing list people were wondering how to temporarily change user preferences. There are many cases where that might be fun to do, think command logging, undo stack or PPG pop ups. So here is a quick revisit of my past post on decorators but this one is very [...]

Decorating your Python code

October 10th, 2008 by Patrick Boucher. Viewed 19062 times.

I have touched on Python decorators in the past in this article (although that decorator was a bit convoluted). Decorators can be extremely useful in many situations and here are a few that I propose may help streamline script development. Note: For those of you who would like a bit of background information on decorators [...]

Logging and being proactive

October 5th, 2008 by Patrick Boucher. Viewed 13076 times.

You write tools for artists under a deadline (yours and theirs). You live in a production oriented world. Unit testing, beta testing and anticipating can only go so far, and that is only if you have time to properly test. You have to accept that eventually, your code will break. How it breaks and how [...]