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Homam holds a bachelor''s degree in engineering management. During his study, he focused on 3D graphics creation with 3D games being a special case. He has been in the graphics industry for over 8 years, working on 3D modeling and animation applications. During the time, he worked as a director for several 3D real-time projects at different companies. Now he ended up as a 3D supervisor at In|Framez, researching the art pipeline for the company''s flagship 3D engine ''DirectSkeleton''. He enjoys developing both real-time and MentalRay shaders.

Scripting Structures

October 5th, 2006 by Homam Bahnassi. Viewed 22250 times.

During our daily scripting work either as general Technical Directors or specialized developers, we usually write scripts for two different scopes of the project. The first is generic reusable tools and plug-ins which can be chained with other tools to achieve complex effects or processing pipelines. The second scope of scripting is the object-specific or scene-specific scripting, which is supposed to solve a situation present only in that particular scene.