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Motion Vector Driven Occlusion

November 14th, 2006 by Guillaume Laforge. Viewed 18570 times.

Stefano Jannuzzo’s article on Adaptive Occlusion gave me an idea: to control occlusion sampling based on motion samples. Occlusion techniques can be really fast nowadays for static objects. You can bake it or use Final Gathering occlusion and store it in a Final Gathering Map for example. But with moving objects, those techniques can’t be [...]

Painting Base Lighting with the FXTree

May 23rd, 2006 by Guillaume Laforge. Viewed 29152 times.

The idea of painting base lighting, is to control the lighting like with a standard lighting setup but instead of adding lights in the scene, you paint light in a map. This technique is not a new lighting technique, it is just the “Image Based Lighting” technique (IBL). The goal of Painting Base Lighting (PBL) is to be as flexible as 3d lights objects.