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Slickening up the build cycle for compiled plugins

June 19th, 2008 by Kim Aldis. Viewed 9115 times.

1. compile with copy, 2. oops, error, file in use, 3. switch to XSI, 4. dig down and unload plugin, 5. switch to VS, 6. compile ……. yaddda ….. you know the drill. For years I’ve been doing this and for years I’ve been meaning to get around to making it slicker but somehow there [...]

Controlling XSI remotely using sockets

December 31st, 2006 by Kim Aldis. Viewed 15537 times.

A short Python socket server script for remotely communicating with XSI using Telnet

How imf_disp connects to mental ray and how to connect to a running instance of mental ray

December 4th, 2006 by Kim Aldis. Viewed 11066 times.

Most people know you can take a look at what mental ray is currently rendering by pointing imf_disp at a currently rendering frame. Not so many people know that imf_disp is using a well documented feature of mental ray that lets anyone connect to it and read it”s output as it renders, regardless of whether the render process is local or happening on another machine. The feature is handy for looking at pictures, monitoring the progress of an image as it renders but you can also use it to check whether a render has failed in mid-frame.

XSI Command line install

December 11th, 2005 by Kim Aldis. Viewed 19019 times.

Intro Installing XSI isn”t hard but it does involve a lot of button pressing, input of port numbers, confirmations and stuff that make it impractical if you”re installing across a number of machines, particularly if the installs are on render nodes that probably don”t have monitors and keyboards. There”s a better way, though; Xsi”s Windows [...]