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Points of Light

June 5th, 2007 by Vladimir Jankijevic. Viewed 22790 times.

Some time ago, I stumbled across the MapVIZ node in Maya and was surprised, that Softimage didn’t implement something like this in our beloved software package, XSI. Well, last weekend I decided to code it myself. The first step to take, was to decipher the the file structure of the FG and Photon maps. Since [...]

Normal to Vertex Color

December 9th, 2006 by Patrick Boucher. Viewed 10960 times.

Buzz has been working for a little while on a show that required us to create quite a few shots of water surfaces. One of the guys here, Pierre-Simon Lebrun-Chaput, cooked up a really cool recipe for our water surfaces but to get the look to where he wanted it he was missing a critical [...]

More Jitters

December 9th, 2006 by Patrick Boucher. Viewed 12372 times.

A while ago I posted a Scripted Operator for XSI that generates jittering animation. Well, a colleague of mine, Etienne Pellerin, and myself are starting to work in C++ in XSI so the Jitter tool was rewritten. New in Jitter v1.5: Installation is smoother – just drop it into your favourite Application/Plugins folder Performance is [...]

Enveloping rigid elements

August 21st, 2006 by Helge Mathee. Viewed 28774 times.

how to get elements on a surface, while they are not deforming.

Writing a Phenomenon for Softimage XSI and Mental Ray

July 2nd, 2006 by Stefano Jannuzzo. Viewed 50314 times.

Have you ever used Apple’s Shake? Have you ever built macros with Shake? Have you ever wished you could create macros in XSI’s Render Tree? Well you can, these are called Phenomenon. A Phenomenon is group of shaders exposed to the users as a single entity. You can hide or show, as you see fit, [...]