Here is a compilation of all downloadable tools/material available from XSIBlog. Hope you enjoy and if you have any issues getting these to run on your systems, please don’t be shy and drop me a line.

Buzz Python Library

A library of python goodies meant to be used in and around XSI.

The library is split in two distinct parts. The first is generic computer graphics related stuff. These items are meant to be used as much within XSI as outside XSI, in other stand-alone scripts or applications. The second part of the library, buzz.xsi, is meant to be used exclusively within XSI. Truth be told, if you try to use some of this stuff outside XSI it will most probably fail miserably.

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References: Buzz Library

Versions by release:
2005.05.24: Library | Docs
2005.05.11: Library | Docs


Takes geometry normals and creates animated vertex colors with them. This allows access to geometry normals prior to displacement in the render tree by using a Vertex_rgba node.

Latest version: 2006.12.09

References: Normal to Vertex Color


A plugin for XSI that generates animation.

Latest version: 2006.12.09



A tool for XSI that adds shortcuts to the render menu so you can render the current frame without messing up your frame settings in your pass setups.

Latest version: 2005.02.08

References: I just want to render a frame!


A plugin for XSI that selects polygons from the requested viewport.

Latest version: 2005.05.24

References: A View to a Selection